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Automatically activates when reversingEasy to install - comes complete with camera mounting bracketWith or without remote control.Camera housing is water resistantCan be used in the dark as the reversing lights illuminate the camera area

Wireless Reversing Camera System

Make reversing safer and easier with this easy-to-fit reverse parking camera kit. This reverse parking camera kit features a camera which is mounted on the back of your car and automatically transmits a wireless picture with guidelines to the dashboard-mounted 3.5 inch LCD colour screen, when the vehicle is in reverse.

Using this camera helps to reduce blind spots, poor visibility and alerts you to anything which can't be seen below the vision of the rear window. The reversing lights of your car illuminate the camera area, so this unit can also be used at night.

Aids parking and manoeuvring especially when reversing between two parked cars and other difficult situations, ideal for cars, vans, motorhomes and campervans - or any vehicle with a 12v system.

The camera does need to be wired to the vehicles reverse lights. The instruction manual includes in depth information on how to do this but does also suggest that if you don't feel confident with the installation then you should seek the help of a professional.

The transmitter is triggered when you put your car into the reverse gear. You can test that the unit is installed correctly by turning your ignition key to the accessory position and leaving your parking break on, put the car into the reverse gear. when you turn your monitor on, the image will appear.

Mercedes E Class 3 5 Colour Wireless Reversing Rear View Camera System AWQGUXCRX

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