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Nickel plated connectorsExcellent standard of manufacturePerfect for CCTVRight Angled 90 degreeUsed for RG59, RG62 and RG71

10x Twist On BNC Socket Connector - 5.5mm Internal Diameter

PLEASE NOTE - This listing is for 10 connectors.

Overview - Suitable for coaxial cables with an outer diameter of up to 6mm such as RG59 which is commonly used with CCTV cameras. Simply strip the cable, wrap the earth around the cable's insulation leaving the centre conductor exposed and twist into the BNC connector until a good connection is achieved.

Can be used with - RG59, RG62 & RG71

Nickel plated connectors - To ensure there is a high quality connection.

Excellent standard of manufacture

We sell these connectors in quantities of 1, 10 & 100, if this listing is not quite right for you, please search our shop or get in touch.

10x BNC Female Connector 75 Ohm Socket CCTV RG59 Screw Twist on Coax Coaxial Cable CableFinder TEFXSRWMW

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