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Capacity: 1500mAh / 11.25WhType: Ni-MHVolts: 7.5VSize : 156.00 x 57.00 x 33.00mm

VINTRONS 7.5V Battery For MOTOROLA NTN7144A, MTS2000, GP2013, GP1200, GP2010, MTS2013, NTN7144CR
Please ensure both model and battery part number are matched with your device.

- Compatible Model:
MOTOROLA GP1200,GP2010,GP2013,GP900,HAT100,HT1000,HT6000,JT1000,MT2000,MT2100,MTS2000,MTS2010,MTS2013,MTX8000,MTX9000,MTZ2000,PTX1200,

- Compatible Battery Part Number:
MOTOROLA NTN7143,NTN7143A,NTN7143B,NTN7143CR,NTN7143R,NTN7144,NTN7144A,NTN7144B,NTN7144CR,

- RoHS approved for toxic free.
- CE and ISO9001 Certificate for quality assurance.

1 year warranty 7 5V Battery For MOTOROLA NTN7144A MTS2000 GP2013 GP1200 GP2010 MTS2013 NTN7144CR QVYEQGRCF

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