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Capacity: 1300mAh / 4.81WhType: Li-ionVolts: 3.7VSize : 64.30 x 49.50 x 4.50mm

VINTRONS 3.7V Battery For Alcatel CAB31P0000C1, CAB31P0001C1, OT-918, OT-908, OT-990M, OT-985
Please ensure both model and battery part number are matched with your device.

- Compatible Model:
ALCATEL One Touch POP,One Touch POP C1,One Touch POP C2,One Touch 903,One Touch 903D,One Touch 908,One Touch 908F,One Touch 909,One Touch 910,One Touch 915,One Touch 918,One Touch 918D,One Touch 918D,One Touch 918D MIX,One Touch 983,One Touch 985,One Touch 990,One Touch 990 Carbon,One Touch 990 Carome,One Touch 990A,One Touch Fire C,One Touch Pixi,One Touch Pixi Dual SIM,One Touch Pop C1,One Touch Pop C2 Dual,One Touch POP C3,One Touch POP C3 Dual OT 4032D,OT-4007,OT-4007A,OT-4007D,OT-4007E,OT-4007O,OT-4015X,OT-4019,OT-4019A,OT-4019M,OT-4019X,OT-4020,OT-4020A,OT-4020D,OT-4020E,OT-4020X,OT-4033,OT-4033A,OT-4033D,OT-4033E,OT-4033X,OT-903,OT-903D,OT-908,OT-908F,OT-908M,OT-909,OT-910,OT-915,OT-918,OT-918D,OT-983,OT-985,OT-990,OT-990 Carbon,OT-990 Chrome,OT-990A,OT-990M,OT-W939,Venture VM2045,
TCL A919,A966,A990,C990,I908,
USCELLULAR ADR3035,One Touch Premiere,

- Compatible Battery Part Number:
ALCATEL BY71,CAB31P0000C1,CAB31P0001C1,TB-4T0058200,
TCL CAB31P0000C1,CAB31P0001C1,TB-4T0058200,
T-MOBILE CAB31P0000C1,CAB31P0001C1,TB-4T0058200,
USCELLULAR CAB31P0000C1,CAB31P0001C1,TB-4T0058200,

- RoHS approved for toxic free.
- CE and ISO9001 Certificate for quality assurance.

1 year warranty 3 7V Battery For Alcatel CAB31P0000C1 CAB31P0001C1 OT-918 OT-908 OT-990M OT-985 GDTVQAXYA

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