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Samsung chargerCharge Level monitored by means of LED indicatorNew product from the manufacturerCharges batteries in no timeIntelligent electronic charging system with current monitoring, against overheating and overcharging

Product Details:
This charger allows you to convert to be always up to date in terms of music and data.
Direct power supply and battery charging via any power socket. IC-controlled, intelligent charging process (switched to trickle charging and has overcharge protection).
Colour: Black
Connection to 220volt outlet
New Product from the manufacturer
Compatible with the following Samsung mobile phones:
B2700/B300/B320/B3410/B520/C180/C270/C3010/C3050/C3060/C5212/C6620/D780/D880/E1080/E1100/E1107/E1110/E1120/E1130/E1310/E1360/E210/E2100/E2120/E2210/E2510/F110/F200/F210/F250/F330/F400/F480/F490/F700/G400/G600/G800/i200/i450/i550/i560/i640/i7110/i780/i900/i907J150/J700/J800/L170/L310/L700/L760/L810L870M110M150M200M310M3200M3510M8800/P520Armani/S3030/S3110, S3310, S3500, S3600/S3650, S5050, S5200, S5230/S7330, U800Soul, U900Soul, F700QBOWL
Not an original product.
You can use an additional power on holiday, as a second charger for your mobile phone.
Safely, easily and quickly test your home phone, keeping your charging.
Small and ergonomic, ideal for on the go.
You can use the charging cable also for other mobile phones.
Box Contents:
1x Charging Cable for Samsung

1 x Charger Power Ladegerä Power Supply Power Cord Mains Charger for Samsung L760 GOXOFRKMI

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